1. Copy content

Duplicate ideas of websites is inevitable, but duplicate content is a taboo for readers but also an absolute thing to avoid for Google. Along with Google's website evaluation standards such as website interface, bounce rate, pageview, rate of returning users, new users.... Google values ​​high-quality websites as websites with useful and user-friendly content.

Google will appreciate SEO-standard articles

Using the Google Panda algorithm, the algorithm aims to find websites with copied and poor quality content that do not match the search needs of customers or are not useful to users. Google's penalty for these websites is to drop the website's keyword rankings quickly, the website will never be on the TOP if it doesn't build its own standard SEO articles.

2. Spam Backlink

If you see a sudden increase in your website's rankings in a short time, chances are you have been detected and penalized by Google's Google Penguin algorithm due to rampant and ineffective backlinking. After Onpage SEO optimization, Backlink plays an important role in SEO. Backlink is a measure of the popularity of a website in the Internet world, adding points for keywords and attracting attention to Google Bots to your website.

In addition to on-page seo optimization, backlinks play an important role in SEO

However, rampant linking will make you pay attention to Google Penguin, Google's algorithm to penalize websites with shared links on pages with bad content or too many backlinks in 1 page. This means that you need to control the number of links pointing to the website and remove the links placed on websites with inappropriate content so as not to affect the quality of the website.

3. The unusual development of the website

What is the abnormal development of the website?. It is the content on the website that duplicates and increases rapidly in a short time, as well as the number of low-quality backlinks that suddenly increase. Google will use the Google Sandox filter to suspect a website with an abnormal growth rate, then pay attention to the website to find violations of too many duplicate keywords on the web and backlinks. The sign of this is that the keyword disappears on Google even though your website still increases in rankings as usual.

To overcome this situation, you should write standard seo articles for your website and avoid duplicate content continuously. In addition, you need to remove the bad backlinks and send an email to Google to notify you of your keyword review.

4. Providing non-authentic content

An algorithm Google uses, Hummingbird, will search for authentic results about a web page's content to bring it to the top of the search engine. This algorithm will make it difficult for low-quality websites that are not user-friendly.

Therefore, instead of being too important on backlinks, you should develop content for your website to give users a really useful experience, making your website return rate high and time reading articles. yours much.

The boundary of SEO is very fragile, just one wrong trick, your website will face great risks in the online market. No one wants their website to be penalized, so you should be cautious and learn carefully when SEO or using SEO software to avoid unfortunate incidents.