- Set priority URLs: Priority URLs are the important links of the website that the business wants to SEO first. XSEO software will give priority to browsing these URLs more and enhance the ranking of these URLs on Google in a short time => the main products of the business will be accessible to customers quickly and appropriately. with the change of different marketing campaigns from time to time of the business.
- Choose SEO market: when setting up Google search keywords, you can choose SEO market for your website. If your product is aimed at foreign markets more than in Vietnam, customers can choose the keyword SEO priority market in the XSEO software => Businesses can choose the right market for the product without it is necessary to invest a lot in facilities in that market
- Share global IP address: With the large XSEO community, businesses using XSEO software can choose to prioritize sharing global IP addresses or sharing regional IP addresses => The shared IP is suitable for the market that needs SEO, helping the website reach the right number of potential customers
Thanks to the above features, XSEO software contributes to successful marketing campaigns and faster access to customers.