Increase online traffic: With the IP address sharing algorithm, XSEO software will be like a user from a real IP address, accessing the website via a browser, browsing all the links of the website, all the content The content on the website is of high interest, no content is dead content. All the content on the website is Google Index and increase high ranking on Google.

Share real IP address: The IP addresses shared to the website via XSEO software are all real IP addresses that are customers or collaborators of XSEO who are online at the time you are running XSEO and are randomly shared. from various sources using artificial intelligence algorithms. This feature can see the IP address accessing your website by turning on the "web setup" application in the XSEO window on the right corner of the screen, this helps the website increase the number of new users and popularity. of the website, is enhanced and the website is rated by Google as highly interested by users

Select shared IP by region: XSEO software allows users to prioritize the area with IPs that will access their website more by 2 options: share regional IP address or share IP address. share global IP address => Google's algorithm always prioritizes websites that have the right traffic for the SEO market, helping the website to get SEO right for the market that they want to target.

With the feature of increasing online traffic, XSEO software helps to create a large amount of traffic for the website to increase all the basic indicators to evaluate Google's website, contributing to building the website's credibility and helping the website to grow. highly competitive with the top rankings of Google.