Which web seo software is professional and effective?

If you want your business to be more convenient, more people know your brand, products or business services, don't ignore XSEO - the software that increases the number of online customers. This will be the most effective tool for you to make money with available tools such as: SEO website, forum, blog, social network...
XSEO software is a web seo software using artificial intelligence (AI), XSEO creates an extremely rich number of users, simulated into different devices (laptops, mobile devices, etc.) tablets, desktop computers) and different operating systems (IOS, Androi) in different places across the country to visit your website, read, interact with the web like a real person through search. Search keywords on google (keywords you set up when you install), or go through backlinks that you put on other websites. Therefore, the view created by XSEO is a real and rich view. This operation will be performed non-cyclically and randomly.

The advantages of the software XSEO

XSEO helps businesses increase a significant number of customers from the number of website visits
XSEO helps businesses' websites increase their rankings quickly on Google with the shortest time and keep the website at the top position that traditional SEO will take a lot of time and very difficult to do.
XSEO helps your website keep a good position to be promoted better or keep a good position which can greatly reduce the cost of marketing activities especially online.70% of the work is solved by XSEO- no Need more SEO staff
XSEO software is easy to install and has almost no impact on the software or SEO's work
Description of XSEO software technology:

The software shares user IP addresses, these IP addresses are "live" addresses that exist on the current network on the global internet connection, these IP addresses not only interact with the website. your website through XSEO but also interact with many other objects, which Google appreciates and is completely real, not virtual IP addresses.
XSEO applies the latest researched artificial intelligence algorithm to create a simulation model of users accessing your website, using controls on IE - that's a way no other software has. get such intelligence - XSEO controls the browser like a real user browsing and browsing your website's content, stopping reading the content, dragging the scroll bar, clicking on a link in the website, sourcing the URL and Browse randomly like a customer is researching your website. It is special for Google to confirm that your website is a quality website that deserves to be saved in the database that returns organic search results.

Outstanding features of professional SEO Web software XSEO

Increase regular and stable website visits: Websites using XSEO software will interact regularly with thousands of customers and partners of XSEO, thereby helping to increase website visits steadily and stably.
Increase watch time on website: Watch time on website directly correlates with website success, XSEO helps website reduce bounce rate, increase access time and increase the number of loyal customers who regularly visit the website. .
Browse all the website's content: XSEO browses the website's content to avoid google evaluating the website's content for poor quality because there are no readers.
Increase keyword rankings: XSEO software allows to set up important keywords for the website into the software, XSEO will accelerate the ranking of these keywords on Google. XSEO allows users to choose a market for website SEO
SEO focus: XSEO allows you to set up URLs that are important articles of the website into the software, XSEO will give priority to boosting the rankings and keywords of these articles.
Highlight the website, help google pay attention to the website faster when the website has new content: XSEO software helps the website attract the attention of googlebots bugs by directly interacting with the IP address of google.com.vn
In addition, not only effective with google, XSEO is effective with all online search sites such as Yahoo, Bing...You can choose for yourself the most suitable XSEO solution package.
XSEO Free package: XSEO Free has almost all the powerful features of artificial intelligence software, however, the FREE version will be limited to number of important features. Free version for users to experience how XSEO works and in general, XSEO Free can also completely improve the basic indicators, moreover, you will also see, feel and believe in XSEO, especially in the world of SEO. Website technical professionals will evaluate the value of XSEO is really worth paying for with a very small amount and not greater than the salary of an seo staff within 1 month that you have to pay.
XSEO Pro Package: This is a powerful full-featured version of artificial intelligence software
XSEO Gold package: This is a version with powerful AI and gets views up to 130-150%, gets 200-300 views/day from the computer community running XSEO Free whether customers run or not run XSEO software
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